Benefits of drinking Hydrogen water

Hydrogen gas is one of the most important elements needed by humans, animals and plants for survival. Recent treatments with hydrogen gas (H2 gas) include, hydrogen water and hydrogen saline injections have been studied and there has been 300+ studies into hydrogen gas medicine.

Molecular hydrogen as a preventive and therapeutic medical gas: initiation, development and potential of hydrogen medicine.

Hydrogen Therapy Studies

Many of the hydrogen gas studies suggest marked improvements in many disease models, this is because hydrogen water when drunk can fix many things that do harm to the body, such as stress, sugar (too many carbs), toxins, inflammation, hydroxyl radicals, Nitrogen Reactive Species, Reactive Oxygen Species and harmful microorganisms.

Harmful Reactive Species

These reactive species are looking for an electron to bond with to complete their biological circuitry, hydrogen water contains dissolved H2 gas, which provides the species with the spare electron(s) they are looking for, which turns them into water, this can then be excreted from the body.

Drinking Hydrogen Water

When you drink hydrogen water the body can start to repair itself, when this gets to an exceptable level of repair, the body can upregulate the metabolism via gene expression, by switching grhelin and growth hormone gene expression back on.